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What is Motion Graphics?

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The world of animation consists of different styles. The word “animation” is a term that includes almost anything that has motion. Motion graphics is a subset of animation that has become a powerful tool in the digital world.

From fixed and animated designs

Motion graphics means moving graphics. This is the simplest definition you can get. Motion graphics are often called motion designs, which make it easier to understand the relationship between motion and element design. Motion graphics means using design knowledge in new media and adding movement (time and space to it).

Graphic motion history

Before motion graphics, there was a time when graphic design pieces only worked in flat (motionless) form. At the time, traditional Walt Disney cartoons were animated. But with the advancement of cinema, especially in opening titles, motion design emerged.

Motion graphic growth

In the 1940s, motion graphics were born with the experimental work of Oskar Fischinger and Norman McLaren. In the 1950s, amazing designers such as Saul Bass, Maurice Binder, and Pablo Ferro introduced motion graphics to the public. This new way of playing with words and graphic elements that people had never seen before was the entry point for the increasing popularity of motion graphics into mainstream cinema and television.

The films these artists have worked on are still an inspiration and reference for many motion graphic designers and film experts. Their work represented an unexpected and creative approach. At the beginning of the films, they included information about the film, the director, the actors, and so on.

Advancement of technology

Motion graphics are strongly associated with advances in technology, so their evolution is intertwined.

In recent years, advances in design and animation software have made Motion Graphics more accessible to people who want to learn or produce. It has also created various attractions for displaying and stimulating content.

Application of modern motion graphics

The development of technology and the existence of screens for various devices have led to the use of motion graphics. In television, motion design is used in the opening of TV shows, brand introduction, education, and so on. It is also embedded in the news forecast page and their virtual backgrounds.

Television has been moving since the early days and has become an integral part of its identity. TV also helps to create a memorable channel or show.

Use motion graphics in the media

With the development of websites and applications, motion has played an important role in designing the user experience. This is called UX Motion Design.

Motion graphics really play a role when it comes to advertising, especially social media. This type of animation shines from complex story-driven ads to simple Instagram animated posts. This is a great tool to help companies differentiate themselves from other competitors.

Motion graphic movement

In motion motion graphics, you must pay attention to its meaning. You have to think about how the audience perceives this move. Naturally, motion design for good performance does not depend on characters. The use of visual metaphors is a great integration for powerful animated films.

Rhythm motion graphics

In the movement of objects, the speed of transfer of scenes and actions within it is very important for a motion graphics film. This is about mastering time and space. Rhythm is created by the difference in speed of action in different moments of the animation.

Motion graphics language

Softer movements, over a longer period of time, can create a feeling of relaxation. While fast actions and high transitions in a short time express something more energetic. A combination of items in a video helps to create rhythm and peak. Movement is a language; And tells a story alone. Gestures empower the message of the animation.

Motion execution time

Movement is not just subtle movements and great rhythm. Another important aspect is runtime movement. This means that every text and action on the page must have the right time to allow the viewer to read and understand what is happening. Many events in a short period of time may seem chaotic and lead to misunderstandings.

in the end

Motion graphics is an amazing field of animation that is growing in popularity over time. Understanding its distinct uses and possibilities can lead to new ideas. Remember that motion graphics is not just about good gestures, it is about more than that. This type of animation connects the designs and brings a piece to life.

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