Working hours, contract and cost

Due to the prevalence of coronary heart disease, working hours are from Saturday to Thursday from 2 am to 5 pm.

The employer must indicate his / her requirements during a telephone call with the studio office (for example: Website design and SEO, social media, etc.) Then our team will analyze and estimate the cost and the result will be announced.

This period depends on the applicant’s request, but as a standard these contracts are six months and can be extended.

Technical questions

SEO, or search engine optimization, is done to improve the performance of your site based on search engine standards and attract more visitors. Many factors affect your SEO, from the words used in the text and content to the inbound links to your site from other sites, sometimes ensuring the proper structure of your site for search engines is called SEO.

Content is what should be expressed through a medium as speech, writing or any of the various arts. Content pursues distribution, marketing and publishing for its expression. Forms created in the content include maintaining and updating websites, blogging, photography, filming, estimating analysis, maintaining social media accounts, editing and distributing digital media.

3D animations are commonly seen in teaser commercials or in movies that include scenes of horrific explosions or fatal crashes. For this reason, 3D animations are used to do these things, both to avoid the dangers of doing them in reality and to reduce costs. In fact, with animation they can create scenes that in reality, they may not be able to make good animation.