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Some of the top video sharing sites

اشتراک ویدئو

Every business needs to be introduced to get started and continue. Product or service introduction can be in the form of video, video or audio sharing, etc. In this section, we introduce some famous Iranian sites for publishing videos.

سایت آپارات

Aparat is the most well-known Iranian video sharing site. This site has an excellent ranking in Google, which indicates the credibility of the device. The device also has a large number of visitors, which makes the videos to be viewed well.

Video release for free and in very short time. This video sharing site is great for building backlinks.

Aparat also has a paid service where people can work for a fee to introduce their videos specifically to users. Another feature of Aparat is that it allows live video to its users.

سایت آپارات
سایت آپارات

Disadvantages of Aparat Video Subscription Site

One of the disadvantages of the device is that it is not possible to insert the site link directly in any video. This means that there is no field to place the site link in every video. In this case, you can write your site URL in the description of each video.

Another disadvantage of the app is the inability to send high quality video, which automatically reduces the quality of your videos.

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Namasha site

Advantages of video sharing site Namasha

Namasha after Aparat is one of the best video sharing sites in Iran. By subscribing to this site, you can share your videos for free.

The display loading speed is very good and high quality videos can be shared on the site. The show has the ability to insert shared videos from YouTube.

On this site you can allow users to download videos or download them. You can also set whether users are allowed to share video on other sites.

Unlike the device, which has the disadvantages of video upload quality and upload speed, the display has these features. This is why many people use the Namasha.

Features such as insert site link in profile and get free follow link, insert your business logo, channel graphic header, insert link in video description, insert social network link and Other websites in your links section are prominent features of this video sharing site.

Disadvantages site Nmasha

Disadvantages of the Namasha include lack of application and live video. Login to the video Namasha sharing site …

سایت نماشا
سایت نماشا

Tamasha video sharing site

Tamasha is another free video sharing site in Iran. But it is less popular than Aparat and Namasha sites. As a result, many Internet business executives are unaware of its existence. In this case, you can take the opportunity to become a member of this site and share your videos.

Membership of Tamasha site is easily possible. After joining it, you can put the link of your site and virtual networks in it to receive backlinks for free. Backlinks improve your site ranking on Google.

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سایت تماشا
سایت تماشا

Features of Tamasha site include the following:

  • Ability to upload video from the device
  • Ability to upload video from Vimeo
  • Ability to upload video from Twitch
  • Ability to insert a site link in the description of each video
  • Ability to send quality video
  • High upload speed
  • High speed video playback
  • Select multiple managers for the channel

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