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Consulting and management of all digital marketing activities such as launching a website and online store, social networking related to business and customer relationship management software, which includes the following:

  • Needs assessment and market study:
    Determining the current situation, analyzing the behavior of current customers, analyzing Iranian and foreign competitors, examining the existing capabilities and potentials of the collection and services that can be provided, recognizing the competitive advantages of the organization, determining the market vacuum, aligning advertising strategies with the organization’s goal and overall vision
  • Develop a strategy and monitor implementation:
    Develop a strategy using world-renowned frameworks (such as SASTAC), analyze ad feedback, determine standard deviations, determine and approve personalized graphic and video formats, and brand and produce content in visual and content dimensions, record feedback And periodic analysis, strategy improvement and optimization as needed, how to outsource and monitor it
  • Specialized training of employees:
    According to the codified strategies and schedule of the program

Web design

Content production and SEO

Graphic Design



professional Consultation


3D animation

Promotional teaser

social network

Advertising strategy

Specialized service titles

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1. Social network marketing and messengers

2. Develop an appropriate content and advertising strategy

3. Employer review and analysis

4. Initial needs assessment and recognition of competitive advantages

5. Market research and trend review of the day

6. Review and analysis of competitors

7. Investigate the behavior of current users and personalities

8. Website SEO, content production and translation

9. Content architecture of the site

10. Techniques to increase interaction and follower attraction

11. Analyze and improve the site interface and user experience

12. Analyze ad feedback to determine standard deviation

13. Branding and providing an integrated strategy in all digital platforms

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