Develop a marketing strategy

Effective marketing can be started by formulating a marketing strategy . With a marketing strategy, you can identify the business goal and its vision. In the following articles, we will examine its steps.

The first step is to define your main goals

That is to ask yourself marketing strategy is what big problem are we going to solve?

If your main goals do not fit into one or two sentences, your project will run into trouble. Do not complicate your goals.

The second step is to identify the target audience

If your target audience is not clear, the members of the marketing team will act on their own personal opinion and mentality. This is a big mistake. The messages that are sent to different types of customers should be different. Because people’s jobs, genders, ages, places of residence and cultures are different.
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The third step is to call your idea

This is one of the most important steps in developing your marketing strategy. What do you expect the audience to do? What do you want the audience to remember?

As a result of this stage of your marketing strategy, you need to determine what the next step your audience should take. What do you expect them to do after seeing your advertising message?

The fourth step is Description of suggestions

After defining the main goal and the target audience and what they want to do, it is time to benefit the audience. Need to figure out why customers and audiences should accept your offers? What are the benefits of your goods and services?

Suggestion format:

Categorize your suggestions into “specifications” and “Benefits”. This will help you a lot. Specifications describe the different parts of your offer, and benefits are the benefits to customers and audiences.

for example : Providing 24-hour telephone service Whenever you need help, you can talk to the real respondent.

The five List the information channel and the type of content you want to use

List the information channels you want to use. Such as radio, television, virtual networks, etc.

What size and format of content do you want to present? What kind of content is your short film, infographic, teaser or catalog?

The sixth stage of budget preparation

The most important point in developing a marketing strategy is to determine its budget. The management of the company requesting the advertisement, after completing the work and being satisfied with its quality, seldom increases its budget.

In some cases, the client does not specify the advertising budget, and after we offered them a job and they liked it, we had to start over due to lack of budget. But if the advertising agency knows the budget from the beginning, it will try to provide the best work with the set amount.


Summary of marketing strategy development steps

Based on the above steps, we conclude that we must first determine our main goal. Then get to know the target audience and know what to expect from them.

Then inform the audience what benefits they get from the goods and services. Then determine the type of content and communication channel, and finally consider the budget.

Tips for developing an effective marketing strategy:

Consider a strong story for your company or organization

To communicate more with customers, each part of the marketing message must be designed in the story line.

Creating emotional attachment

One way to build attachment is to have the same strong story and professional logo design. Another way is to treat your customers honestly. Helping customers to solve their problems and meet their needs and it’s cases their emotional attachment.

Your company or organization is customer oriented.

In developing a marketing strategy, you need to keep your customers satisfied. Your company or organization must be customer oriented. That means always have added value.

Use different media.

You need to use multiple media for advertising and marketing. Do not just advertise on Instagram. Use different virtual networks such as YouTube and Facebook.

Your product and service is scalable.

Think for a moment before investing all your money in a product or service. You must test first. For example, market your initial product first, then market your final product over time. This way you prevent damage.

Use of thoughtful people

Thoughtful people help you a lot in marketing. They help increase your customer base by giving you ideas about products, services and types of offerings.

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