social network

Today, social networking is very important to advertising and introducing companies and organizations. Depending on the position of the social network , you can use it to grow your business.

Social networking services

Services provided by Arta Technical team:

  • Communicate and send targeted messages to audiences and customers
  • Provide a program to manage social networks at different times for branding
  • Provide regular and targeted customer support services
  • Adjust advertising strategy for content production
  • Statistics and analysis of work processes in social networks
  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of competitors in the social network

Social network position

The importance of social media for your business

  • Examine the activity of competitors and measure your activity with them
  • Market development and gaining target customers
  • Develop customer relationships and increase response speed
  • Development of marketing and branding in social networks
  • Planning for short and long term goals of the company and the organization
  • Retaining current customers and increasing customers
  • Statistics and review of progress

شبکه اجتماعی

Cost for social networking services

You can contact us for information on costs. Depending on the transfer environment and the type of business of the customers, the calculation of the artechnical price is automatic.

Automatic cost means that the customer is calculated and informed based on the request. The cost of these services is the same for all dear customers.

Important points in social network content production

Content production on social networks

  • Content should not be too short or too long.
  • SEO should be observed in content production.
  • Content should be produced based on advertising strategy.
  • The number of content produced is important.
  • Choose the right keywords.
  • Apply new and creative ideas.
  • Writing tips are very important and should be observed.
  • Social network must be up to date. This shows the dynamism of the company.

Why Arta Technical Team:

  • Arta Technical team is fully acquainted with the principles of branding and marketing strategy.
  • Depending on the transmission environment, we produce the right content.
  • The content production team produces high SEO content.
  • For the company to be dynamic, the power of content production is produced day by day.
  • Customer satisfaction and success are very important to our team.

For more information, contact our colleagues in the Arta technical Group.