Arta Technical team helps you a lot in the field of IT innovation and entrepreneurship. Our team has specialized and educated people in this field, which we will discuss below.

The word Entrepreneur, which is the Persian equivalent of entrepreneur, is originally a French word. The term was first coined to describe economic risk-taking in the hope of making a profit by running and running a business. An entrepreneur is a person who is always looking for new ideas. Always follow ideas and create new opportunities from those ideas by accepting the risks involved in each new action.

What are the features of Arta Team Entrepreneurship Services?

  • The idea of entrepreneurship in the field of information technology or IT is an economic and dynamic activity.
  • It is a new innovation and idea and it is profitable in the field of information technology.
  • But the important point is that in entrepreneurship there must be risk.

خدمات کارآفرینی

What are the stages of entrepreneurship?

Recognize the right opportunities

The first step is to look for needs, wants, problems, and challenges that have not yet been properly addressed or resolved. The Arta Technical team is exploring all the opportunities and challenges at this stage.

Find ideas and set a vision

Once we have identified the important opportunities, we need to come up with an idea for them. We come up with ideas in different ways. We examine the ideas formed, and select the best ones.

To select an idea, we consider its risks and benefits and evaluate the competitive environment. Finally, a complete vision is formed to implement the selected idea. For more information and advice, you cancall the numbers listed at the bottom of the page.

Persuade others

Once the vision is set, it is time to convince others. The entrepreneur here, with the help of a business plan, tries to attract the attention of individuals and legal entities. These include potential investors or partners and financial and credit institutions.

Prepare the required resources

In this step of entrepreneurship, the necessary resources, such as financial resources, manpower, executive and necessary information are provided and regulated.

Implementation stage of the idea

After preparing and organizing the necessary resources, it is time to implement the ideas and start the business. Successful implementation of ideas will require more interest, motivation and effort.

Change and adaptation stage

Entrepreneurship requirements include monitoring and adapting to market conditions. Implementing the required changes will require financial resources and human resource flexibility. These should be considered in advance.


Benefits and importance of entrepreneurship

  • Entrepreneurship strengthens your management skills.
  • It also enhances innovation and creativity.
  • Improves the living conditions of people in the community.
  • It gives rise to more efficient companies and organizations.
  • Entrepreneurship promotes economic development.

Cost of entrepreneurial services

You can contact us for information on costs. According to the idea, Arta Technical price calculation is automatic. That is, the cost is calculated based on the customer’s request and displayed to them. The cost of these services is the same for all dear customers.

In some cases, your idea is ready, in which case the technical team will guide you in a profitable entrepreneurship.

Why Artechnical Team:

  • Offers you new and fresh ideas.
  • Examines all opportunities and risks.
  • The proposed idea contributes to the economic development of the community.
  • It helps you a lot in innovation and advertising.
  • For Arta Technical team, customer satisfaction and success are very important.

For more information, contact our colleagues in the Arta technical Group.