Digital marketing training

Abbreviated as (cyberspace marketing) and as its name implies, it means marketing in cyberspace marketing as opposed to traditional and ordinary space.

The general principles of virtual marketing are the same as the principles of traditional marketing. The distinguishing feature of virtual marketing is the use of computer network communication infrastructure and the use of usable tools for marketing.

This has led to some issues that are not operational in traditional marketing or are very costly, can be implemented in virtual or Digital marketing at a much lower cost.

Definition of Digital Marketing

Implement Digital marketing

For example, by using the Internet as a communication infrastructure network and using online sales software, you can offer your product 24 hours a day to millions of customers living anywhere in the world.

This way you can answer their questions at the lowest cost; Or you can use the tools at your disposal to analyze the characteristics of each customer and show them only the products that he is most likely to like.

The evolution of Digital marketing

Over the past three decades, and with the rapid growth of technology, marketing has also been affected by these changes. After the heyday of television, marketing underwent perhaps the greatest change in history: The first PC to be traded.

The advent of the Internet and its widespread acceptance in everyday life is the biggest event that has affected marketing in the last three decades. As users grew, the landscape evolved from email to search engines such as Yahoo, Google, and commercial sites such as Amazon and eBay.

Big data

All online activities were still stored as digital information. A 2000 study found that digital information has the fastest growth of unique types of information generated, so that most information is born text-based.

This information became known as Big Data. Big Data replaced its physical counterparts in 2000: Paper, film and optical discs (DVD and CD).

Big Data Features:

New discoveries in data recording and storage have made Big Data a new and irreplaceable resource for marketing departments. In virtual marketing education, big data is very important.

Big data has made it possible to track patterns and trends in human behavior and its role in marketing is increasing. This data-driven marketing move led to the emergence of a number of companies specializing in the use of this technology: Oracle, Domo, and Optimove.

بیگ دیتا bigData


Where would we be without smartphones and tablets? These new devices have grown significantly over the past decade, and the marketing sector is still evolving. In virtual marketing training, we examine these cases.

Use of smartphones

Today, Americans’ daily use of smartphones and personal computers is becoming more common. The daily usage time of these mobile media has increased from 46 minutes in 2011 to 258 minutes in 2017.

Today, with the rapidly growing share of 4G users, a quarter of smartphone owners have no traditional voice calling. The world has moved online to our pockets.

media literacy

Computer literacy is defined as the knowledge and ability to use computers and technologies related to a wide range of skills that can range from basic application to advanced programming and problem solving.

Components of media literacy

Computer literacy can also refer to the level of ease with which a person can use computer programs and other computer-related programs.

Another value is understanding how computers work. Computer literacy may be distinguished from programming, which is the design and encryption of computer programs, rather than familiarity and skill in using them.

The last word

Today, computer literacy and virtual or Digital marketing training are very useful in life. These are often taught in schools and universities. If you want to start your own business, or work in the field of digital marketing, you need to specialize in this area.

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